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Pricing Guide

Pricing is by the Hour or by project depending on the specifics and industry of the project or bid.

The pricing list is to give you a good estimate of cost for your plans. The price of your project may vary based on the complexity of the drawings or the change to square footage. It is always a good idea to sit down and decide what you want, size and what you will budget for the project before making the plans. If you are not sure, contact us and we can brainstorm different ideas or you can find pictures of homes that suit your style.

Fees that the county or city charges to include the permitting fees and other fees not listed here are not included.

The deposit is due at the beginning of the project and remaining balance due at delivery. Pricing is a straight fee based on square footage and complexity of the design. We do allow for some negotiation to a certain degree.

What you pay for is a CD with PDF files. If you order a full set of plans, they will be ready to go to the permitting office. If you don't have the land, no worries... we can prepare the plot plan once you do.

Your set of plans will include:

  • Plot Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Roof & Floor Framing Plan
  • Elevation
  • Plan
  • Foundation Plans
  • Electrical Plan
  • Door & Window Schedule
  • CAD
  • Details for Call-Outs
  • Drafting: We require a 50% deposit and 50% upon delivery of plans. Deposits are all at 1/2 of the drafting fee and NOT REFUNDABLE

Contact us for a quote. You will find our prices extremely reasonable for quality designs.