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As-Built Services

We produce Measured Drawings of existing conditions of a site or structure known as As Built drawings. We identify each element that is required by the drawing specification to record its location and attributes i.e., name, function, size, shape, material. Orientation, elevation, frequency, etc.  This data is acquired and transmitted via laser to a wearable computer that renders the data into a drawing.

The drawings are then plotted to scale, typically 1/4" = 1.0' on 24x36 inch Bond paper to be used for audit at the job site to verify drawing details to actual job site conditions.  The drawings are then thoroughly reviewed for correct graphic detail i.e., layers, line weights, dimensions and annotation, prior to delivery to the client.

What is the scope of services and products offered?

We are a full service producer offering a wide range of Measured Drawings designed to meet the sophisticated needs of structural engineers and architects as well as the high volume price sensitive lease, real estate and asset management market.

RedLine Design has provided measured floor plans, reflected ceiling, interior & exterior elevations, sections, details, roof, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, equipment and lighting of existing conditions. We provide virtually all discipline drawings i.e., foundation, column grid, framing and architectural landscape site surveys as well.

Our drawing specifications i.e., Standard, Basic, Diagram, Historical, etc., have been designed to provide various levels of drawing detail to generate a product that is both technically and economically appropriate for the scope of any project.

Pricing varies based on level of detailed required, number of floors, architectural style, building shape, and which drawings you need.